Chronicling the crazy world of the stock market with a bit of insight, some humor and lots and lots of NONSENSE and mischief. If something ridiculous happens on or around Wall Street we want to write about it.

This blog’s goal is to capture the crazy moments in the stock market: the good, the bad and the ugly, so to speak, with humor. There are always two sides of the trade, one trader gets squeezed in a good way, the stock soaring, and the other in a, let’s say, not so good way, as the stock tanks.

On Wall Street, everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks they know which way the market is going to go. And on TV everyday, from CNBC to Bloomberg to Fox Business News, you hear their reasons laid out like truth. However, the truth is, nobody really knows which way stocks will go. There are just too many factors at play on a day to day basis in the stock market – and most of it unpredictable. For example: flash crashes, BP’s oil spill, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and the Arab Spring. All events that moved the market significantly but things you couldn’t predict – you might call them black swans.

But it’s hard not to be passionate about the stock market, and trying to figure out which way such and such stock is going to go is fun. It’s not easy, but it’s fun. And sometimes it’s very, very frustrating. There are no short cuts. It’s gruelingly fun. So, can you endure the pain when your stock goes down? If you can, and you’ve chosen wisely, then there will be a lot of joy when you’re right and your stock turns and goes higher.

Hope you enjoy the ride and our slant on the world of fiance and stock trading. Thanks for reading. Please don’t take us too seriously, as our goal again is make you laugh for the most part.

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