Katy Perry & Warren Buffett Talk Bitcoin Bubble…?

Dec 1, 2017
J. Webster
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Is this the top for Bitcoin…? Katy Perry meets with Warren Buffett and asks him about cryptocurrencies…reminds me a bit though of when everyone thought the stock market was near the top or at least in need of a big correction when Mila Kunis was talking about buying stocks. It turned out that Kunis wasn’t wrong about buying stock at that time as they’ve only gone higher since then.

Bitcoin has been on a crazy run, but who really knows when it’s going to go down or correct. If you’ve owned if for a while you’d have to say you’ve got to sell at least some right here though. What’s crazy too is just how many followers Katy Perry has on Twitter and Instagram, nearly 170 million combined, so Bitcoin is certainly in the mainstream now, what with her recent posting.

nbd just asking Warren Buffett his thoughts on cryptocurrency

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