Did Trump Call the Top in the Stock Market…?

Sep 5, 2017
J. Webster
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Looking back, I wonder if this tweet will be when the stock market topped out. With everyone saying the market is nearing a top, probably for the past three years, who knows if and when it will go down. But it’s risky to rely so much on the stock market maintaining a never ending rise, especially when your policies create a lot of chaos.

The Fed has to raise interest rates at some point, or at least keeping slowing raising them. This will have an impact on the stock market. Then there’s the debt ceiling and the potential for a conflict with North Korea. Oh, and there’s always the unforeseen event that will take place, whether that’s a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

There are always risks in the market, but when the stock market has been going up and up it’s more apt to take a dive on an event outside the norm. It’s as though it’s just waiting for a reason to start to turn lower.

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