Apple’s iPhone 8: Take All My Money

Sep 11, 2017
J. Webster
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I think this tweet below sums up all the talk about Apple’s new iPhone being too expensive. If there’s an item we never leave home without and sometimes pretty much sleep with and can’t stop looking at, I’m guessing a $1,000 for an even better one ain’t going to be much of a deterrent. Rather, it’s like Apple can just take all your money whenever there’s a new iPhone coming out. Yes, there will be long lines for the new iPhone and Apple will sell tons of them. For Apple, what makes them great is their products do get incrementally better and they work.

And yes this tweet too sums it all up. Someone also talk about the black market for Apple iPhones, as in when there’s a wait for new iPhones how much will they go for in the black market or in other countries where they aren’t going to come out for quite a while.

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