Weight Watchers Has Made Oprah Even Richer

Aug 4, 2017
J. Webster
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Weight Watchers was a very good investment for Oprah Winfrey. When can Oprah sell some shares though or is this a long term investment for her? I mean just how much higher can the stock go? It’s up nearly 25% today and has a market capitalization of about 2.5 billion. However, Weight Watcher’s stock is no where near it’s all time high, which was over $80 back in 2011. So, I guess Oprah is going to just get richer and richer with this investment.

Yes, instead of investing in Chipotle, which can’t get out of the food and health issues trap, famed hedge fund manager Bill Ackman should have followed Oprah’s lead and bought some Weight Watchers shares.

Turns out Oprah has to wait a bit longer if she wants to sell her Weight Watchers investment, perhaps she can sell some shares now, but seems like the trend is higher for Weight Watchers products now that Oprah is on board.

Right now Oprah is up close to $220 million on her Weight Watchers investment.

Now that Oprah has become a successful investor, wonder what company she’ll invest her money into next? I’m sure there’s a long list of companies who would to have her as their investor and spokeswomen…

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