Maria Bartiromo Defends Donald Trump

Aug 16, 2017
J. Webster
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After Trump’s press conference where he went back again and talked about “both sides” being bad at the white supremacy gathering/march in Virginia where three people were killed…Maria Bartiromo, once beloved in the financial sphere, seemed to show her true colors and who she supports.

She takes a shot at the mainstream media too, with her #msm hashtag. I never really understood this slight and attack at the MSM, if you’re on TV with a large audience, I’m thinking you’re still part of the “mainstream media”.

Bartiromo was surprised by the reaction to her first tweet…Not sure if she’s trying to get the president to appear on her show or if she actually thinks his press conference was “excellent”. Next time she’d be wise to state clearly that she is against any hatred or discrimination and there aren’t two sides to this story. Maybe she could make up for it by tweeting out to her followers on Twitter this Vice video about Charlottesville.

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