Trump Threatens Amazon Once Again

Jun 28, 2017
J. Webster
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Trump was sitting near Jeff Bezos just the other day at a technology meeting, listening to his thoughts on AI and machine learning, I wonder if Trump had the guts to say this to Bezos then? Don’t think so. But this isn’t the first time Trump has threaten to go after Bezos and Amazon, he did it during the campaign as well. Instead of attacking Bezos, Trump could be getting his advice on problems like say healthcare or job automation, but Trump’s only game is to attack.

It seems like Trump wishes he were a business man as successful as someone like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. You’d have to say it probably was Trump’s dream, before he amazingly actually incredibly became President, to be respected like Bezos. So it’s no surprise that he attacks Bezos, and usually attacks people he actually respects. It’s the people that fawn over Trump, try to use him in many ways, that fall in line behind Trump, that Trump probably doesn’t really respect all that much.

And he’s wrong about Bezos owning The Washington Post for tax purposes. But again, with Trump seated so close to Bezos during the tech meeting, using him for a photo opportunity in many ways, he doesn’t bully him to his face about Amazon not paying Internet taxes.

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