Kellyanne Conway Spoke at Point72 Asset Management

Apr 2, 2017
J. Webster
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I wonder just how much Kellyanne Conway was paid for her “speaking engagement” at Point72 Asset Management? I guess, according to the financial disclosure it had to be at least or more than $5K. But when exactly did she give the speech, was she working for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump at that point? I think the primary was over so it would have when she switched to Trump. And it’s not the first time Conway has given how some stock market related advice, she’s tweeted out the markets like Trump’s “policies, actions and vision”.

Kellyanne Conway, one of Mr. Trump’s top advisers, is wealthy, but modestly so when compared with some of her superrich colleagues.

Ms. Conway, a Republican strategist and pollster, made over $800,000 last year, her filing shows. As head of her own consulting firm, Ms. Conway’s clients included an assortment of conservative causes, including the National Rifle Association and the Tea Party Patriots, as well as Cambridge Analytica, the political data firm that advised Mr. Trump’s campaign. She was also paid for a speaking engagement at Point72 Asset Management, the investment firm run by the billionaire stock picker Steven A. Cohen. (New York Times)

I’m surprised that the New York Times didn’t at least mention that this is the Steve Cohen that paid out a fine of $1.8 billion to settle allegations of insider trading at this former firm, S.A.C. Capital. They just referred to Cohen as the “billionaire stock picker”. I’m sure most New York Times readers know who this Steve Cohen is, and his history, but perhaps not all. Plus, it’s such an incredible and crazy story, that they should at least link to a story telling the Cohen insider trading tale.

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