Trump’s Herbalife Like Trump Network

Mar 4, 2017
J. Webster
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In 2009, Trump was pitching Herbalife like products….promising riches and the American dream to those struggling during the Great Recession, if they just sold a range of health related products they’d be Trump like rich. And then there’s Carl Icahn, who’s now the special adviser to the president on adjusting federal regulations, who happens to own over 20% of Herbalife. This article in the New Yorker talks about Bill Ackman shorting Herbalife’s stock but also compares it to Trump’s sales pitch to America during his campaign. You could simply opt out of the recession if you sold these Trump Network health products, everything from vitamins to special wellness formulas.

Strikingly, many of the themes and slogans that multilevel-marketing companies favor—lots of gilt, and promises that “we are going to make you rich”—are the same ones employed by Donald Trump, whose pledge to solve Middle America’s economic woes helped propel him to the Presidency. Trump honed his pitch during his own career in multilevel marketing, as a promoter of the short-lived Trump Network, which peddled “cutting-edge health and wellness formulas,” in Trump’s words, and as a spokesman for the telecom outfit ACN, which has settled state fraud charges. “The economic meltdown, greed, and ineptitude in the financial industry have sabotaged the dreams of millions of people,” Trump said in a 2009 video for the Trump Network. “Americans need a new plan. They need a new dream. The Trump Network wants to give millions of people renewed hope, and with an exciting plan to opt out of the recession.” (New Yorker)

And here’s more from before Trump was elected president of the United States from the Daily Show. There’s a focus on a vitamin product that’s based upon your individual health needs, you simply send a urine sample to the company and they tailor the vitamins to your specific needs – or something like that. I wonder if this is something Trump ever tested out….?

Donald Trump has been campaigning as a successful businessman, but the presidential hopeful’s failed line of health products proves otherwise.

From the Washington Post:

Ideal Health’s flagship product — later the Trump Network’s — was a multivitamin, tailored for customers based on a urine test. It cost $139.95, plus $69.95 a month for the vitamins, plus $99.95 for additional testing every six months. Former salespeople praised the product, saying it helped customers live healthier lives. But some experts say it was of questionable value.

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