Kellyanne Conway Now a Stock Market Pundit

Feb 16, 2017
J. Webster
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So I guess this isn’t fake news…or a stock market bubble or all just caused by Janet Yellen’s low interest rate policy now that Trump’s in charge. What happens if the stock market goes down, who’s to blame then? With a couple recent tweets, Kellyanne Conway has become a stock market pundit, saying that markets are very happy with Trump’s vision. Conway isn’t just a retail expert, pushing Ivanka Trump’s brand, soon she’ll be letting everyone know when they should sell shares of Tesla or Apple…

What’s crazy about the Trump administration in all of its craziness, is how the world was actually falling apart 8 years ago when Obama came into office – there was not only the housing crisis and Great Recession there was the BP oil spill and the tsunami in Japan and their nuclear reactors leaking and then the problems in Europe, with Greece constantly on the verge of collapse. You’d think that Trump would want things to be stable and smooth.

Why make things so difficult? His agenda is going backwards, not pushing for more advances in technology or use of clean energy or seeking to make America the place to build your business if you’re from another country. He’s always attack and attack and attack, not sure where they ends up but right now the stock market is reaching new highs and Kellyanne Conway is taking credit.

Conway didn’t tweet out this chart though…thanking Obama. Cutting taxes…ending regulations. Getting rid of rules. Those things are hard to do. The hard part is transforming the manufacturing sector, giving coal miners new jobs since coal just isn’t needed when you have cheap oil and natural gas. The hard part is training works for new jobs. Trump hasn’t done a hard thing yet.

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