The Very Happy Faces of Wall Street Traders & Investors

Jan 23, 2017
J. Webster
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Instead of seeing the very sad faces Wall Street traders, brokers, and investors, we’re now seeing the grinning face of the Wall Street trader and hedge fund manager once again.

It’s all about cycles, right. With Donald Trump winning the presidency, the joy is back. Just look at the smiling faces of hedge fund “titans” and Wall Street insiders. They are no longer being beating down and hit like a pinata. They no longer have to hide from potential criminal investigations due to the financial collapse of 2008. They no longer have to worry or fear that making money and being greedy will get them grief from the Obama administration. No more “fat cats on Wall Street” type phrases coming from the White House. No more Occupy Wall Street.

Even hedge fund manager Steve Cohen is feeling a bit of joy and not afraid to show is face.

Carl Icahn might be the happiest of all the hedge fund managers. He’s now the special adviser to the President overseeing regulation. Getting rid of regulations that hurt his investments is his expertise you might say.

John Paulson who has been a Trump supporter from the get go.

Expect to see a lot of white teeth this coming year and maybe even next four years or heck, eight years. Also expect or maybe buy some stock in teeth whiting companies….

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