Trump Says Don’t Invest Your 401K in the Stock Market

Aug 3, 2016
J. Webster
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While Trump says you shouldn’t invest your 401K in the stock market, what is he suggesting people do with the money they have if they sell all their stocks? Is Trump saying people should buy real estate or invest in U.S. Treasuries…? While Trump loves to lay out all these fears people should have, he never lays out a plan for what people should do.

All Trump does is try to scare people. Same with this call by Trump telling people not invest in the stock market with their 401K. Contrast this with President Obama, who calmly told investors to buy stocks when they were near the bottom back in 2009. I wonder how many people listened to Obama and bought stocks and held on to them.

And Trump went on to say he wouldn’t put money in the stock market right now or maybe ever because he doesn’t really believe in it? He did it just for “fun”:

“I did like 50 different stocks and just for fun because I’m not a person that really believes in it too much. And I did it because, you know, with interest rates you’re getting basically free money.”

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