How in the World Can a Trader Support Donald Trump…

Jun 1, 2016
J. Webster
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Update: Here Trump goes after Boeing. Efficiency is good, but don’t we want planes, especially Air Force One, to fly correctly. It’s one thing to attack a company, but don’t you also risk a company cutting costs on crucial aspects of project.

As a trader or investor in the stock market, how in the world can you actually support Donald Trump.

What if Trump decides he doesn’t like the stock or company you own. Trump goes after anyone or any company that does something that he doesn’t like or hurts him. If you don’t bow down to Trump’s wishes then he’ll attack you.

So if you’re a trader or invest in the stock market, how can you support someone who is prone to wild reactions based on if his feelings get hurt?

Trump has attacked Apple, Amazon, Macy’s, Disney, United Technologies, and Ford just in the last 9 months.

Moreover, Trump is prone to make wild predictions, like last year when he said to get out of the stock market over concerns about China – that turned out to be the exact time to buy stocks.

The idea in investing is not to panic and Trump is more apt to panic and throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go “his way” or he gets scared. Imagine if he was president and went after the CEO of the company you owned stock in?

And you don’t see the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett, supporting Trump. He’s for Hillary Clinton. Charlie Munger said. “My attitude is that anybody who makes money running a casino is not morally qualified.” Moreover, anyone who can’t make money owing a casino and goes bankrupt, certainly should not be president.

Trump says he wants to save the coal industry, but for how long and just how much money does he want to spend trying to save a dying industry…? Natural gas and oil prices have dropped so much that nobody wants to buy coal. I’d like to see Trump go deep in a coal mine and help extract some coal.

The only consistent thing about Trump is how much is likes to create conflict – its good for TV ratings but not for investing or running a country. He’ll attack a company if it seems like a good idea to win some votes or some attention.

Oh, if you’re friends with Trump then sure your business might do quite good, until you are disloyal to Trump in some way. If you own a casino or a hotel, I’m sure Trump will make sure you’re protected from any regulations or wage demands from unions. If you’re AirBnB, well, I don’t know, unless you attach the name Trump to your offering their might be some pressure coming in the future. Really, who knows, what will happen with a Trump presidency, and that kind of disruption isn’t good for traders or investors.

And if you’re investing in a media company or newspaper, you better hope that paper loves Trump. Trump both loves the media and hates it. He’s even hated Fox News for a while, until they cowed to his terms after he skipped a debate.

Are the traders or investor who are supporting Trump just backing him because they’ll reduce their tax rates…? Really, what do they see in Trump that they like – plus, if they have kids, how can they say they’re supporting a bully who loves to blame problems on other people. How do they explain that to their kids…?

The president who investors should have listed to was Obama, when he said to buy stocks in 2009.

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