I Want to Buy Shares of Twitter

Mar 26, 2014
J. Webster
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I like Twitter’s stock long term. I hope it goes lower so I can buy some shares. The hate is growing strong in the stock, but they’ll figure it out and be around for a long time and or get bought out by the likes of Apple or Google. And when a country (Turkey) tries to block its use, it only makes people want to use it more.

Twitter is everywhere you look on TV, whether that’s the Oscars or the NCCA basketball tournament. News anchors and pundits are always referring to a Tweet by someone or talking about what’s being said on Twitter. And does anyone watch TV anymore without Twitter? Nope.

So, when Drudge runs a headline like this one below, might be time to nibble at some shares of Twitter’s stock as it sits near it’s IPO price. Yes, this is the contrarian Drudge siren – meaning, BUY.

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