Who Gets to $100 a Share First, Twitter or Facebook?

Feb 4, 2014
J. Webster
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Both Facebook (FB) and Twitter (TWTR) trade for about $60 a share right now, but both seemed destined for higher highs. Who knows just when the stocks will both reach $100 a share, but it will happen as both companies are smack dab in the middle of what’s growing: mobile and data. It could take a year or it could take five or ten, but they’ll both do the $100 roll.

With their stocks around $60, Facebook as a market cap of $153 billion and Twitter has a market cap of $35 billion. So, if they go to a $100 a share then their market caps will more than double – that’s quite a jump, how in the world would their stocks/companies ever deserve to get there?

Well, first off, they are must own stocks. Everyone wants to say they own shares in Twitter or Facebook. Secondly, as I mentioned, they are both focused on mobile and all about data – they’re the future. For Twitter, they’re a bit newer than Facebook, they’ve only just begun. Whereas Facebook has been around for ten years now, shedding teens and adding grandmas. Facebook though is smart, a short time a go they made no money in mobile, now it’s nearly 50% of their revenue. And they of course bought Instagram, which doesn’t even account for revenue just yet.

Twitter is set to report their earnings for the first time this week, but if you were one of the millions that watched the SuperBowl you probably know Twitter was nearly a companion for many during and after the game – these days, many watch TV and especially big events like the SuperBowl as they scan their Twitter and Facebook streams. In the end, it becomes a mobile data battle about watching stuff with friends.

Who would you bet on to reach $100 first?

Image Source: Marketingextremist

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