Stephanie Ruhle: “I’m a Beast”

Feb 20, 2014
J. Webster
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Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle talking about her time working on Wall Street. At about the 4 minute mark of the video below she says this.

“I wanted to do it because Wall Street is a war every single day. It’s a battle. It’s the nature of the business. And I’m a beast. And I like that.”

Yeah, it’s hard not to love Stephanie Ruhle. One of her skills, at least to me, is the way she’s can sort of spit slang and also nail the more complex details of the stock market. It’s no surprise she’s taken over Bloomberg televsion. She’s funny. She’s direct. She’s tough. She’s a beast.

The above quote is related to this discussion in the video below: “Young Money” Author Kevin Roose and Bloomberg View’s Matt Levine discuss the next generation of Wall Street players.

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