Jim Cramer’s Pet Tortoise

Feb 15, 2014
J. Webster
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This is Jim Cramer’s pet tortoise named Cactus. Cramer said she’ll live to be well over 100 years old. The tortoise is sort of the opposite of Cramer in a way. You know, slow and steady. Whereas Cramer’s full of mad energy and constantly in motion. I wonder how much she eats? Cramer said she loves watermelon. What an amazing pet.

Here’s another picture of Cramer’s Tortoise. I’m surprised she hasn’t made an appearance on CNBC or Mad Money. She’d be perfect at picking stocks. Cramer could place a taco from Taco Bell on a plate and then a burrito from Chipoltle on a plate and see which one she chooses. That’s the perfect way to figure out whether you should buy shares of Taco Bell’s Yum brands or Chipotle. Well, maybe not but would be funny.

There has been a tortoise on CNBC, just not Cramer’s tortoise, well, yet.

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