Buying Shares of RadioShack Off Their SuperBowl Ad?

Feb 2, 2014
J. Webster
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So, what with RadioShack trading for $2.40 a share, is anyone going to buy shares off their SuperBowl commercial? Someone made the comment that they were surprised RadioShack even had $4 million to spend on a SuperBowl ad. The whole company is worth around $240 million.

It’s a very risky bet, what with RadioShack stores closing left and right as Amazon and e-commerce kill brick and mortar stores. However, maybe RadioShack can turn it around, especially if they catch up with modern times and start selling stuff people actually want to buy. And heck, at least they realize they need to revamp their stores and join the future.

“The 80s called … they want their store back. 80s celebrities invade a RadioShack to take back their old stuff and make room for the RadioShack of the future.”

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