What Type of Financial TV Pundit Are You?

Jan 31, 2014
J. Webster
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Are you the goodlooking one? The old guy who’s been around forever with the equally ancient suit and who just says whatever he feels like? Are you the doomsayer – the sky is always falling? Are you the bald guy? Maybe you’re the smart, articulate, and calm one who’d rather be trading or reading but was more or less forced on to the set of CNBC? Are you one who always yells and argues? The screamer? Are you the one so giddy to be on TV for the first time that it shows through, and you, as the watcher, actually cheer for this pundit? Maybe you’re the one who dresses impeccably? Are you the one who wears the bow tie?

Oh, could you be one of the few women who knows technical analysis and charts? Are you the one with the crazy hair or the long beard? Do you wear those glasses with the colored trim? Are you a economics professor with all the ads for your college in the background? Are you the one that’s always optimistic and says that stocks are cheap?

Are you the rare financial TV pundit who says you don’t actually know when asked something about the stock market? Are you the one who comes back on the air and says you were wrong about a certain stock?

Image Source: Business Insider

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