Man Wearing $400,000 Watch Has NOT Close Relatives Living in Trailer Parks

Jan 29, 2014
J. Webster
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Tom Perkins, co-founder of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, came on Bloomberg to apologize for comments he made comparing the attacks on the wealthy 1% in San Francisco to the Nazis attacking Jews during the Kristallnacht.

But Perkins only seems to dig a deeper whole for himself as he wore an incredibly expensive watch and just seem to not understand what he was saying about the “attacks” on the rich 1%. At one point he even said he was only a multimillionaire and not a billionaire, although he said he helped create plenty of billionaires – making that fact clear.

Mr. Perkins said that he didn’t come from wealth, and noted that some members of his family, but not close relatives, live in trailer parks. But he resolutely did not apologize for being rich, a conviction he demonstrated in sometimes strange ways. When Ms. Chang asked if the venture capitalist was wearing a Rolex, he responded:

“This isn’t a Rolex. I could buy a six-pack of Rolexes for this.” (His watch was a Richard Mille, which he said was a gift. One that could cost upward of 277,000 euros, or about $379,000.)

(NY Times)

Yes, very soon, you will surely see Tom Perkins making an appearance, or at least his Richard Mille watch, on an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or Saturday Night Live. Most likely, Bloomberg’s Emily Chang will attempt to get Perkins to come on her show again to talk about his plane that flies underwater or maybe his super-yacht and hope he says something crazy once again. But, just to be clear, those are NOT close relatives that live in those trailer parks. He hardly even knows them at all and they’re happy living in the trailer parks….

Here’s his nearly $400,000 watch:

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