“Wolf Of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort Is Too Happy

Dec 18, 2013
J. Webster
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I’m guessing the folks out there who were suckered in by Jordan Belfort aren’t too happy to see him so happy on the red carpet of a movie premiere. Sure, Belfort served his time in prison, I believe 22 months, but I don’t think he’s paid back anywhere near the $200 million investors lost in his penny stock schemes. While Belfort’s not on Bernie Madoff’s stock market Ponzi scheme level or anything, could you image the uproar if Bernie Madoff was smiling like this at a Hollywood movie premiere?

I’m mean come on, that’s quite a grin for a man who duped millions of dollars out of investors. But I would bet if you asked Belfort if he was going to have his life the basis of a Martin Scorsese movie he would tell you he would serve all that time in prison and commit the fraud all over again. All the attention is just too much to pass up for him.


BusinessWeek has the full Jordan Belfort story and what he’s paid back so far:

“Belfort says he tried to give the government 100 percent of the book deal money, but they wouldn’t take it. “I don’t want these books like an albatross around my neck,” he says. “It’s negative energy for me.” The U.S. Attorney’s office says it received $382,910 in 2007, $148,799 in 2008, and $170,000 in 2009. In 2010, the government says, Belfort made no payments at all.”

Image Source: BusinessInsider

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