Search Term “Stock Bubble” At All Time High?

Dec 18, 2013
J. Webster
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Everyone has been calling this stock market rally one of the most hated ever. Everyone has been waiting for a pull back to get in and when the market goes down, but it doesn’t go down for very long and people keeping missing their chance to buy stocks.

Just a few years ago it seem like all hell was going to break lose what with Greece on the verge of collapse and Europe in a recession. Now everyone thing is improving and the United States is perhaps the best place to put your money.

Sure enough all talk become, “Oh maybe it’s all just a stock market bubble”, what with the increase in IPOs of late and Twitter soaring past $50 a share when they’ve yet to really make much money. It appears the fear of missing out on the stock market rally has created a growing rise in the search for why there might be a “stock bubble” at Google. I’d like to see the search stats for stock bubble back in 2000, when there really was a bubble in all the Internet stocks.

Hat tip to CNBC’s Herb Greenberg for the chart.

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