Maria Bartiromo on Conan O’Brien in 1998

Nov 23, 2013
J. Webster
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A very young Maria Bartiromo interviewed by Conan O’Brien in 1998. Bartiromo of course left CNBC this past week for Fox Business News where’s she’ll be paid in the range of $5 million a year. The “Money Honey”, as she was called by some, spent over 20 years at CNBC. Perhaps not the best nickname for the first female financial TV anchor, Bartiromo was always very knowledgeable and professional on CNBC.

One of the funnier things that happened recently, was where Bartiromo now famously made a joke about, “Oh, the New York Times!”, as she put her hands up. Seems like Fox Business news is a good fit for Bartiromo’s political bent. It’s interesting to see people’s views change or maybe they are just revealed more clearly over time.

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