Citibank’s Greatest Tweet of All Time

Nov 24, 2013
J. Webster
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It took over 4,000 tweets but Citibank finally hit the jackpot with this Tweet about brunch.

I know I’m always curious what my bank is going to eat for brunch. I know I always want to help my bank decide what they should have for brunch. I know I’m always concerned about my bank’s diet and wanting them to get enough to eat, especially for brunch. I know I want my bank to use some of that bailout money they have hidden away to splurge on a huge brunch on Saturday afternoon.

I wonder if the Citibank employee assigned to run the Twitter feed was like, “Are you sure I should tweet this question out, about brunch…? Really? But we’re a global financial…a bank….I know we’re trying to get people to use our credit cards, but this just seems kind of silly.”

That brunch tweet is just the tip of the iceberg though, if you scroll through Citibank’s Twitter feed for the past few days it reads like @MarthaStewart hacked into their account. It’s full of date tip ideas and creative ways to do this or that. It make it seem like use Citibank’s credit card is free, as though there’s no charge to buying up all this stuff.

Hat tip to CNBC’s Kayla Tausche for pointing us to Citibank’s brilliant Tweet.

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