Guy Adami Top Ticks Zillow’s Stock

Oct 22, 2013
J. Webster
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At least Fast Money’s Guy Adami comes clean on his terrible call on Zillow’s stock. Yeah, he says he topped ticked the stock.

It’s very refreshing to see a trader on Fast Money to admit to a bad call on a stock. On the CNBC website that should have a list of all the traders calls/picks and how the stock has done since they made the call. Can’t they put that together – everyone loves data these days, right? Sure, it would be a long list, but if they’re going to go on TV and tell someone to buy a stock then we should know how the trade turned out. And I’m sure stock traders have made plenty of money on some of Adami’s calls, but this sure wasn’t one of them. Again, though, nice to see him admit his mistake.

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