Deferential Charlie Gasparino

Oct 30, 2013
J. Webster
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There’s a reason that pretty much all the financial journalists and the bloggers in the world of Wall Street follow Charlie Gasparino on Twitter: he breaks news and breaks balls. Well, usually it’s the case that Gasparino breaks balls, giving traders and investors a hard time and asking the tougher questions. But in the video below Charlie Gasparino is actually a bit deferential to Carl Ichan when he interviews him on Fox Business News.

The interview comes a few days after he was his usual ball breaking self when talking about Carl Icahn’s letter to Apple proposing a $150B buyback and using Bloomberg and CNBC to promote his investing ideas.

It appears to be a struggle for Gasparino to listen to Ichan talk and talk and talk and talk but he does a good job of not breaking out in rage and frustration while Ichan is on the phone. It’s not Charlie’s fault or anything, he’s got to talked to Carl Ichan since everybody else on the street is talking to him.

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