Larry Ellison Sees Dark Days for Ahead for Apple?

Aug 21, 2013
J. Webster
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In the same way that sports teams post quotes or messages up in the locker room when another team or someone says they can’t do something, I think this message from Oracle’s Larry Ellison is taped up in Tim Cook’s office. And if Ellison is Steve Jobs friend, wouldn’t he want Apple to succeed.

I have no idea the extent of Ellison’s relationship with Jobs, but it sure seems like he’s exaggerating or idealizing his friendship with Jobs now that he’s gone. As Charlie Rose says at one point in the interview, many years ago, Jobs didn’t want Ellison to buy Apple because Jobs wanted to control Apple himself – for some reason Jobs didn’t want to work with Ellison.

See full Charlie Rose interview with Ellison here – it’s a very interesting interview overall.

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