Yellow Lamborghini With 1% Vanity License Plate

Jul 5, 2013
J. Webster
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In San Francisco, you’re sure to see a Prius on pretty much every block, but from time to time you’ll also see an SUV or even a Hummer zip through the streets driven by someone who wants to rebel but doesn’t want to risk having their car keyed or sprayed painted with graffiti, so they don’t stop or park.

This car picture below though, tops it all. In a city where you pay 10 cents if you want to a bag for your groceries, dispose of food scrapes into green bins, and hipsters rule the Mission, there’s a beautiful yellow Lamborghini parked with a unique vanity license plate that would be set on fire if drove through Occupy Wall Street.

It takes some guts to park your car with this license plate on the streets of San Francisco. How did they earn their money, was it through selling Facebook shares or helping to map the DNA sequence? It’s pretty hilarious…and obnoxious and gutsy.


Here’s another picture – there’s no question it’s a beautiful car:


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