The Daily Show Makes John Tabacco a Star

Jun 26, 2013
J. Webster
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Like a character out of some cartoon version of Wall Street, John Tabacco, plays the villian in this Daily Show story to perfection. But sadly, this ain’t no cartoon, this is no character out of movie, this really is John Tabacco.

When discussing whether regulation is needed to stop or at least curb the frequency of financial collapses, Tobacco says traders have to learn how to navigate and make money in those times. He says the United States is the last bastion of capitalism. The Daily Show segment is mainly about how the Canadian banking system hasn’t had any bailouts or banking disasters even during times of economic tumult, due to tight controls and banking regulations. But Tabacco, who doesn’t want ANY regulations in the banking system, turns out to be the “star” of the clip below. Take a look.

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