Future Tweets From Warren Buffett

May 21, 2013
J. Webster
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So, yeah, Warren Buffett’s on Twitter now, getting like a half a million followers in a matter of days. Here are some tweets those followers can look forward to seeing in their Twitter streams. Yes, Buffett will tweet all these things listed below in the coming months.

  • Just downed another Diet Coke, my tenth of the day. cc @DietCoke
  • Hey, @GoldmanSachs or @BofA_Help, if you need to borrow any more DINERO just holler at me.
  • I’m going to take a bath….cc @beckyquickcnbc and or @BettyInTheLoop
  • @BillGates Are you sure you want to play another game of Bridge? I don’t want to take ALL your money.
  • Anybody want to sell me another railroad?
  • I’m currently taking bites out of every See’s Candy box in this store. If you get a box of half eaten chocolates those are my teeth marks. Sell it on eBay, you’ll make bank.
  • @GoldmanSachs No really, Lloyd, if you need to borrow some money again just let me know. Actually, tweet me or DM me as they say.
  • I live in Nebraska not Iowa. Get it right.
  • Yo Jay, I mean @S_C_, is it cool if me & @Beyonce take a trip to Saint-Tropez for a few days.
  • It’s called the Giving Pledge you greedy bastards.
  • Do I care what the stock market does on a daily basis? Not in the least.
  • What do people think of the new Star Trek flick? Any good. My catch it this weekend.
  • This is a picture of the steak I’m about to eat.
  • Yeah, if I feel like buying another newspaper I will.
  • Tough decision today, do I mute Bloomberg or CNBC.
  • I’m rich bitch.
  • No, @marissamayer I don’t have a Tumblr yet.
  • Buying shares of $FB today. I believe in the Zuck.
  • I’VE BEEN HACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way I’m buying $FB.

Image Source: CSMonitor.com

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