Fast Money’s Pete Najarian in All His Glory

May 10, 2013
J. Webster
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Well, not quite all his glory, but you get the idea. Photographer and regular on CNBC’s Fast Money, Jon Najarian, snapped this picture of his bro smoking a cigar and soaking up some rays in Las Vegas. I wonder if Pete is cool with Jon posting this picture for all the world to see? I get the feeling Pete could careless, really. No, that’s not a sweater vest. And yeah, that’s a real tan.


The Najarian brothers are in Las Vegas to do some re-takes for Hangover 3. They play a couple of gamblers whose suitcase full of cash is stolen by Zach Galifianakis – it’s a long story. No really, the Najarian brothers are in Las Vegas for the hedge fund conference SALT, put on by SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci, otherwise known as “Mooch”.

If you follow Jon Najarian on Twitter or Instagram the past few days while he’s in Vegas, you’ll see a series of pics of food, booze, poker chips, and every now and then, a few tweets about stocks or options he’s trading and him in a suit appearing on CNBC to discuss those stocks or options.

If you couldn’t make it to Vegas, you can catch the Najarian brothers in New York in June for TheStreetMonster Conference. I don’t know if they’ll be passing out cigars at the pool at this conference though.

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