Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

Apr 26, 2013
J. Webster
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Yes, Maria Bartiromo, I do know where my money is. There’s a handful of change somewhere between the couch cushions, there are some pennies and dimes in the cup holder in my car, and there’s a pile of quarters on my desk in a glass bowl!!!! Ok, stop already, please. Everyday it’s the same old thing. Where’s your money. Do you know where your money is. I told you.

You want me to be serious. Really? Ok. Here you go Maria.

There’s about $15K in my savings account, believe it or not I save a little money every month and put it away for a rainy day or an emergency. There’s also about 200 shares of Apple in my TradeMonster account, which I bought just a few days ago on the recent dip – I like Apple long term and the dividend will pay me to wait.

No, I don’t own options. I own the stock. Yes, you can own stock and not options in the TradeMonster account. Do I think the Najarian brothers should cut their ponytails off….? Well, it’s up to them, right? I mean, if they want to keep their ponytails it’s their choice.

Bitcoin, what’s that. No, I’m not touching that stuff.

Where else do I have money? Well, Maria, if you’re really curious, I do have some money in a CD. Don’t laugh. STOP IT. Yeah, so what, I know it’s old fashioned but it’s got a decent payout and I can liquidate it anytime I feel like it with no penalty. What else? Oh, almost forgot, there’s about $10K in an IRA account. What stocks do I own in that account? Maria, damn you’re a little bit nosy.

Well, I call it my Buffett IRA, cause I only own Buffett owned stocks, so yeah there’s some Wells Fargo, Coke, IBM and JNJ. Yes, I know Buffett’s been selling his Johnson & Johnson shares, but JNJ is safe and steady so I’m going to keep it. Do I have more money somewhere else? Maria, you really MUST know where my money is? You’re tenacious. Let me see. Really, I think that’s it. No, there’s nothing hidden off shore or anything. Come on, I don’t have that much money.

Oh, yes, one last thing, I do have a jar of pennies somewhere that I mean to take to Coinstar. Where’s your money Maria Bartiromo?

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