Stock Trading Advice Anytime There’s a Stock Market

Mar 11, 2013
J. Webster
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If there’s a Wall Street. If there’s a stock market. If there are stocks to trade. Then these stock tips will hold true at any stage of the market and you’re free to use them to your advantage to buy stocks. Although they might seem vague and a bit hard to decipher, they are spouted out of the mouths of people on financial television hundreds of times a week if not a day. In other words, you can’t go wrong if you follow one of these axioms of the stock market whether it’s a Bull or Bear. Well, at least that’s what the talking heads on television want you to think.

The market is do for a pull back.
The market is going higher.
The market is diverging.
Buy Chinese stocks.
Buy any stock in the mobile space.
Buy stocks in the energy sector on dips.
Buy stocks on the dips.
Sell into strength.
Buy dividend stocks.
Buy Apple at whatever price it’s at.
Buy telecom stocks.
Buy health care stocks.
Wait for a bit of a pull back and then buy.
When such and such stock pulls back, buy it.
Wait for socks to consolidate.
We’re overweight this “blank” sector.
We’re underweight this “blank” sector.
Buy solar.
Buy coal.

What we don’t really hear to often is how much of the stock they’ve bought, in terms of their own portfolio. What percentage of their portfolio is in said sector or stock, how long are they going to hold it?

The stock market is a very serious business, full of ups and downs, winners and losers. Really, many times, it does the opposite of what you expect it to do. The market will turn when just when you think you’ve got it figured out.

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