Bank of America’s CEO Brian Moynihan on Charlie Rose

Mar 27, 2013
J. Webster
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Last night, Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America was on Charlie Rose and the interview made me want to buy shares of Bank of America. Why?

Well, the worst is over for Bank of America as far as legal issues. Of course, not entirely but for the most part, as they’ve paid out somewhere in the range of $30 billion. Plus, the economy in the United States is on the mend and housing has certainly bottomed out and is now growing. But it was just the way Moynihan talked about Bank of America and all that he’s been through since the financial melt down that makes me want to get some shares of BAC. He’s gained a ton of experience battling through the CountryWide and Merril Lynch purchases. Things are very much looking up. And Moynihan seems very sensible and smart:

The video of the interview isn’t live yet but should be soon: Charlie Rose.

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