Don’t Take Prozac, Just Go Into An Apple Store if Feeling Down

Feb 12, 2013
J. Webster
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Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking at the Goldman Sachs conference today, said if he’s feeling bad he’ll just go into an Apple store and it’s like taking Prozac. Once you walk into an Apple store ten thousand angels descend down to sing to your heart and lift up your soul – well, he didn’t say all that but you get the idea:

Apple stores aren’t for just for selling, but for service. Get more out of Apple products over life of them. It’s a gather place that has important role in the community. If you look at agenda, might be youth program coming in as a field trip or a local musician entertaining people, incredibly exciting what these stores do, not even sure store is the right word. They are the face of Apple for all our customers. They don’t think of Cupertino, think of the store. 120 million people last year in our stores and we only have 400 stores.

We’re closing 20 stores, making them larger. We’re adding 30 more, disproportionately outside the U.S. First store in Turkey, puts us in 13 countries. 4 stores in China last quarter, add lots more. Serve customers there.

One of the things not understood, we wouldn’t have been as successful with ipad if not for Apple stores. It’s a different product. People’s view of tablet is something the Hertz guy is holding that no one wanted. Our store is a place to explore and discover. I don’t think the launch would have been nearly as successful without the stores. It gives Apple competitive advantage to have these stores. It’s not so easy to replicate to launch these products. I’m bullish on the stores. Average store last year was over $50 million in revenue, who would have thought a store could do that?

If I ever feel like I’m dropping down (feeling bad) I go into a store, it’s like a Prozac. A feeling like no other.

Source: Business Insider

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