Josh Brown on the Yahoo Homepage

Sep 2, 2012
J. Webster
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Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker, showed up on the homepage of Yahoo today to talk about why he stopping working as a stock broker.

In a way, this is sort of crossing over into the mainstream when you make a jump from Yahoo Finance to Yahoo’s homepage – perhaps the number #1 destination on the web. Yes, even still Yahoo is near the top of most visited portals. If you trade stocks then you’d be wise to start reading Josh Brown’s blog and following his work. He doesn’t hold back from expressing his opinion about Wall Street and stocks. He doesn’t hate Wall Street or anything, he just hates people who don’t tell the truth.

“As a retail broker, your job is to buy things with your clients money. That’s it. When you are not doing that they pull the money,” Brown tells The Daily Ticker in the accompanying interview. When times were bad and equities were not a good investment, he was forced to continue to buying, choosing the stocks that were the lesser of all evils.

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