SeekingAlpha Versus Jim Cramer

Aug 16, 2012
J. Webster
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Is Cramer right, is SeekingAlpha building its brand on the back of him?

If you do a search at SeekingAlpha for “Jim Cramer” you’ll get 162,000 results. If you do a search for “Buffett” you’ll get 80,700 results. If you do a search of “Soros” you’ll get 29,700 results. Those are some big whales, and Cramer doubles Buffett searches and easily quadruples the Soros searches. Cramer might have a point.

Various SeekingAlpha authors do post Cramer’s Mad Money articles and stock picks, from his Lightning Round to his Things To Watch in the Coming Week to his takes on individual names. There’s no question nearly everything Cramer says on CNBC is re-said in some fashion on Seeking Alpha.

But what about Cramer’s other mouthpiece, TheStreet. Yes, if you do a search for “TheStreet” on SeekingAlpha you’ll get quite a number of results, as in 67,600. Sure, these articles could be about “TheStreet” as in Wall Street or the company itself – earnings reports and so forth, but a large chunk are articles from Cramer’s actual website,, which he started.

But what’s so bad about all this for Jim Cramer? It’s just a like a distribution deal. It’s like CNBC now posting all its content on Yahoo Finance. It’s just more exposure for Cramer and his brand, really. Why is he mad?

Well, I’m assuming in most distribution deals the content provider is getting a cut of the advertiser money.

Still though, more exposure ain’t bad, is it Cramer? And it’s not like they’re disparaging you. No, for the most part they’re just re-posting content and analyzing your stock picks. Should they maybe give you a little piece of the pie after using all your content? Maybe.

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