What If Malkovich Asked Siri About Madoff?

Jul 9, 2012
J. Webster
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Kyra Sedgwick commented on Bernie Madoff in an interview with Piers Morgan. I just wish we could hear from John Malkovich. I’m sure he’d have a strong reaction to even bringing up the name “Madoff” in any conversation. In those Apple ads with Siri, they should have had Malkovich ask her what she thought of Bernie Madoff.

John Malkovich, Steven Spielberg and Sedgwick’s husband Kevin Bacon were among the top names burned by the scandal, but in an interview on CNN show Piers Morgan Tonight, The Closer star admits she has adopted a rational approach to the whole situation.

She tells host Piers Morgan, “I see him (Madoff) as a sick man. And I see us as adults who made a choice. And I see a lot of people who are so much worse off than we are, and I think that s**t happens.”

And when asked whether she would shoot Madoff dead given the chance, Sedgwick replies, “He has a horrible life at this point. I think you (the media) hate him more than we do.” (NewsNet5)

I’m sure the ads would have a bit more intensity to them if Malkovich asked Siri about Madoff or maybe ask what she thought of investing with someone who gives you over 10% returns year after year even when the entire stock market is down. She might have told him watch out for Ponzi schemes or things that seem too good to be true. Malkovich was said to only get $670,000 of the $2.2 million he said he lost investing with Madoff.

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