David Einhorn’s Poker Look

Jul 6, 2012
J. Webster
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David Einhorn doesn’t mess around when he plays Poker. Einhorn wears a jacket zipped up to the top, a hat, and sunglasses. The Green Light Capital hedge fund manager finished 3rd in the competition (winning $4.35 million he plans to donate to charity). He looks pretty serious and kind of scary. However, despite his tough look he was beat out in the end by a bluff:

Three spades were on the table. When a fourth spade was dealt, Einhorn bet $2.2 million—he was on track for a flush. Esfandiari called. When the final card, a five of hearts, was dealt, Einhorn backed off and checked. Esfandiari bet $4.7 million and Einhorn folded. When the players turned over their cards, it turned out that Einhorn had the better hand—a pair of tens. He had been out-bluffed. (BusinessWeek)

Still though, I hope the next time he appears on CNBC he wears those same glasses.

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