Guy Adami: Iron Man

Jun 25, 2012
J. Webster
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I wonder who would win in a race between Guy Adami and one of the Najarian brothers, Jon or Pete? Both Najarian brothers played NFL football, you know. Or what if Charlie Gasparino raced Adami or they faced off in some sort of pull up or push up competition for charity, who would win?

Gasparino, who used to work at CNBC but moved to Fox Business, works out regularly, you know – at various parks in New York. I’m guessing they’re about the same age but I think Gasparino might have the edge on Adami.

Adami is set to compete in the Ironman-distance triathlon in New York City. This is no joke. Swim. Run. Bike. And based on the expression on his face in this picture below, he put the work in at the gym and is ready to go. Watch out Lance. Adami is coming for ya.

“I have the utmost respect for this race, but I expect to finish,” he said. “I’m not going to not finish.”

And then, momentarily setting aside the rat-a-tat bravado familiar to his viewers on CNBC, he allowed: “But I am terrified.”

Read full story at the NY Times.

Side note, who has the better grit your teeth workout face, Charlie Gasparino or Guy Adami? Tough call on this one.

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