Jun 1, 2012
J. Webster
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Duties: Facebook is seeking individuals male or female of any age to post pics, write status updates, like news stories, find old friends from high school, post links to products, like consumer brands they like, play mindless games, and just generally become addicted to staying on Facebook all day long emailing and chit chatting with with friends.

Qualifications: A computer or a smart phone is helpful but there are plenty of public libraries that have computers you can use. Although you’ll have to get to the library early so you can grab a computer and reserve it for the day. Tell them you have a major school paper due and you’ll need the computer the entire day.

Ideal qualifications
: Someone who loves brands and buying stuff online and telling their friends about it. And doesn’t hesitate to click on ads and LIKE them or mind if their face is then used as an ad for said product, song, or movie, even if the LIKE was sort of an inside joke supposed to only be amongst friends.

: This is more like an internship, as you’re helping to grow the biggest social network in the world. Remember the Arab Spring, yeah Facebook helped that revolution so in a way you’re acting as a revolutionary by helping to grow Facebook.

Bonuses: If you meet certain target numbers for daily usage you can win prizes like these: 1) Meet Mark Zuckerberg! 2) Trip to Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley! 3) A Facebook branded hoodie! 4) A pair of sandals just like Mark wears everyday no matter the occasion!

**There’s no insurance coverage or medical reimbursements for any carpel tunnel injures and or damage to your vision from staring at a computer screen for the entire day.

Image Source: SickFacebook.com

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