Dick Fuld Will Pay You to Have Lunch With Him

Jun 9, 2012
J. Webster
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So yeah, someone who wants to remain anonymous paid $3,456,789 to have lunch with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. But there’s another CEO who needs to eat with someone too. However, he’s so disliked and so disrespected, sort of the anti-Buffett, that he’s willing to pay you to eat with him. Yes, Dick Fuld is hungry. And promises not to yell or scream at you or scowl too much or take a bite out of you like some crazed bath salt eater.

This is a CEO who made some mistakes during the financial crisis. He thought Hank Paulson would come through in the final hour and save him and his company. He thought his company, Lehman Brothers, was too big to fail. He was actually right, Lehman Brothers was too big to fail, but they let it fail and it led to the unraveling and near downfall of the global financial market as we know it.

Why is Dick Fuld doing this? Well, he needs to get some stuff of his chest. He needs to vent. He has come to realize that he made a few mistakes. He feels bad. He wants to set things right and start out on a new path. He wants back into the financial fold you might say. He wants to come on CNBC and Bloomberg and reshape his image. To start this process he’s willing to pay you to have lunch with him. He knows he’s not as loveable as Buffett but he’s going to try and be warming and friendly. He just wants a chance.

Right now he’s willing to pay $15,000. Anyone want to take him up on this? He says he’ll make the payment to a charity of your choosing if you want (Lehman Brothers shareholders).

Update: Hearing now Jon Corzine is also willing to pay you to have lunch with him. He too has some venting to do. He said you choose the restaurant and he’ll take care of the meal and throw down $20K if you sit and eat with him. He says he might even tell you where the missing MF Global money is.

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