The Most Interesting Financial Reporter in the World: Alistair Barr

May 23, 2012
J. Webster
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Alistair Barr doesn’t wear suits or ties but polo shirts. Why should he have to wear a tie? And yes, that’s chest hair climbing out of his shirt on TV.

He doesn’t cut his hair because it doesn’t grow. It’s been like that since he was born. Yes, he has an accent because he’s not from your world. Yes, that’s San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge in the background which he has sailed under and climbed to the top off because he had a day off. He once saved a surfer from a shark by hypnotizing it. He drinks absinthe like shots of five hour energy.

He has an honors degree from Leeds University in English Literature and American Studies. He was top sportsman at Victoria College where he played field hockey and captained the rugby team. And he made out with at least 511 ladies every weekend.

Yes, he could have been a doctor or a lawyer or a model but he’s a financial reporter for Reuters because that’s what he feels like doing right now. He’s most famous for breaking the story about Morgan Stanley cutting Facebook revenue estimates prior to the IPO due to the shift to mobile devices and alerting only major clients. His name is Alistair Barr. Yes, that’s his real name. And yes, he is the most interesting financial reporter in the world.

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