Sara Eisen Is a Popcorn & Truffle Oil Addict

May 4, 2012
J. Webster
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Bloomberg’s Sara Eisen, who perhaps has the brightest and most infectious smile in all of Wall Street (Dare you to look at her and not start to smile), unfortunately, is addicted to popcorn and truffle oil.

As if popcorn isn’t enough, adding truffle oil makes it that much better and that much harder to stop eating once you’ve started. Eisen eats it constantly and thus has truffle oil all over her fingers all the time. She constantly has to clean off her computer keyboard and cell phone due to this addiction – we’re guessing….

“Emergency stop-off at Whole Foods to stock up on my favorite snack. I spent $4 on a jar of popcorn kernels to be popped on the stove (with olive oil), and $18 on a bottle of truffle oil to be drizzled on top of the popcorn. Popcorn and truffle oil is my favorite food in the world. I eat it every single day.” (TheBillFold)

Once, a wild herd of truffle sniffing pigs chased her down an alley since she smelled so much like fresh truffles. She just barely escaped by climbing up a fire escape. Not really true….

Oh yeah, if you put ginger in any cocktail she’ll drink it up like nobody’s business. True.

But anyway, I’m off to the store to get some popcorn and truffle oil. Never had it and it sounds delicious, although it might be addicting.

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