Kathy Ireland Not Making Out With Trish Regan

May 31, 2012
J. Webster
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Kathy Ireland of Sports Illustrated swimsuit fame talks about her billion dollar retail empire, Kathy Ireland World Wide, on Bloomberg with Trish Regan. Ireland’s company started out selling socks and then t-shirts and then dresses, and went on from there. It’s grown so much it now rivals Martha Stewart, selling everything a women with extra money would ever need, like this fur coat. Hopefully she doesn’t get entangled in some crazy insider trading scandal like Martha. Kathy, don’t buy any risky stocks that even resemble Imclone.

And no, she wasn’t wearing a wet see through swimsuit during the interview nor did she end up making out with Trish Regan, but she did sign a poster of Adam Johnson for Adam Johnson. He said he was a big fan and had a poster of her when he was fifteen.

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