Goldman Sachs Overrun with Intern Applications

May 31, 2012
J. Webster
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Goldman Sachs’ Gary Cohn has had to beat away all the summer interns with a stick. The greedy bastards are so desperate to work at Goldman Sachs this summer that he and Lloyd Blankfein have been inundated with gifts and promises and calls from powerful Dad’s and Mom’s asking that they except their son or daughter into their summer intern program.

Nothing illegal going on here of course, no if you do this I’ll do this type of thing, just kind words and coded language from Senators and CEOs about their sons or daughters abilities and what they can or can’t do for Goldman’s public image in the future if their son or daughter get the position. Actually, yeah, there is a bit of quick pro quo going on. The deal is though that kids want to make money and Goldman Sachs is very good at it so they’ll do anything to intern at the powerful firm. They want to work there and don’t care what any Occupy Wall Street protesters might have to say about it.

Goldman’s program has grown so big that the firm has to break their start date into two groups.

This week welcomed the lucky few selected for “revenue” businesses, like investment banking and trading. Next week brings “services” workers, COO Gary Cohn said at a conference Thursday.

Vampire squids, Greg Smith and Delaware judges can’t keep the applicants away.

“Our application pool this year was greater than it ever has been,” Cohn said. (WSJ)

However, many interns are weeded out right away when those that refuse to shave their heads bald, like Cohen and Blankfein, are sent home. Yes, even there girls are forced to shave their heads if they want to be a summer intern.

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