Wall Street Bull on Yahoo Homepage

Apr 2, 2012
J. Webster
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What does Warren Buffett say, be bullish when everyone is bearish, or buy when there’s blood in the streets? Well, these days, in just a two or three month period of time, the stock market has surged, going from a potential collapse due to the European debt crisis, to having Dow soar above 13K and the S&P shooting past 1400 with ease. There’s no blood in the streets anymore, everything has suddenly turned joyous for those bullish on stocks.

Now however, if you glance through a range of financial and even non-financial websites, everyone seems to be saying the market is set to go even higher. Can it keep going up though? Isn’t the time to get out of the stock market when the novice trader is starting to feel comfortable and getting back in? We’ll see if the bulls can still manage to take the market higher despite potential slower growth in Europe and China. Perhaps all that matters now is that the U.S. housing market seems to have bottomed and the economy is on the mend.

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