Mark Zuckerberg in His FU Sandals

Apr 19, 2012
J. Webster
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What with the Facebook IPO just weeks away, we thought it was a good time to look back at Mark Zuckerberg in his sandals. These sandals are legendary, sometimes referred to as the F*CK YOU sandals, as in he wears them everywhere and anywhere no matter the occasion.

An important business meeting with venture capitalists? Yes, he’s got them on. An interview at a web marketing convention of some sort, he’s got them on. The sandals represent Facebook in a way, open toed and freeing, connect with everyone in the comfort of your own feet.

If adidas was smart they’d come out with a new ad featuring Zuckerberg in his sandals hacking away at his computer somewhere with piles of money surrounding him at his feet. Next cut to him strolling out to get a coffee or lunch and maybe later sniffing his beloved sandals after wearing them all day. Better yet, the commercial could show him giving up sandals officially and switching to some new adidas sneakers – he tosses the smelly sandals away and goes for a jog.

But you’ve got to give Zuckerberg a ton of credit, he could have sold Facebook to Yahoo for $1 billion four or five years ago, but he continued to build out Facebook and now is set for a Facebook valuation of $100 billion. Yeah, he can wear whatever shoes or sandals he wants.

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