List of Companies Apple Is Destroying

Apr 12, 2012
J. Webster
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The pain and suffering for companies that compete with Apple isn’t ending anytime soon it looks like. It’s only getting worse, as you see companies like Research in Motion and Nokia continue to struggle and their stocks get beaten down. It’s a graveyard of stocks with 52 week lows, their market caps eaten up by Apple.

Nokia: The stock hit a new 52 week low of $4.02. The company said that its phone business would lose more money in the first two quarters of the year.
Research in Motion: RIMM is the laughing stock of the entire market. They have a new CEO and the pressure is on.
Hewlett-Packard Company: What new CEO can save them? They’re now hoping ultrabooks can compete with iPads. Right.
Dell: This computer company is another victim of the “death of the PC” and Apple’s iPad
Sony: Remember the Sony Walkman? Yeah, they’re kicking themselves. And they just laid off 10,000 jobs globally as part of a big “One Sony” reorganization.
Best Buy: Yes, even while Best Buy sells Apple products in their store and makes money on these sales, it’s actually letting the enemy into the fortress, since once people start buying Apple products they’ll just skipping going to Best Buy next time and go directly to the Apple store.
Amazon: The Kindle will not compete with the iPad. And while that won’t destroy Amazon, they will battle for years to come over music, movies and the cloud.
Last but not least: Any company that’s tried to sell netbooks.

Apple’s famed designer, Jonathan Ive, had this to say about Apple’s supposed competitors and why they won’t succeed in the end:

Pointing to a desire not to make “genuinely better” products, Cupertino’s unnamed rivals instead are “interested in doing something different, or want to appear new,” which he says is the wrong goal. The difference is that he and his team aren’t tied to a price, a schedule or a marketing scheme — which he believes “have scant regard for people who use the product.” There’s also a barbed reference to consumers being able to sense “great care in the design and when there is cynicism and greed” in products on the market.

But the real joke that goes around these days is how Apple doesn’t really have any competitors. Apple is just walking into each and every sector, from music to movies to now, perhaps, TVs, and destroying the competition. You’d think some of these companies would just give up and get out of the way.

The company that’s actually going to compete with Apple is being worked on a small garage somewhere.

Hat tip to Jon Najarian for the picture of the Apple store on 67th Street in New York.

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