If You Want to Make Money in the Stock Market, Follow These Guys on Twitter

Apr 18, 2012
J. Webster
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So, like yeah, there are a bunch of people you could follow on Twitter who notice trends or talk economic policy, but what do they know about actually trading stocks and making money?

I’m not knocking the Business Insider Twitter list or anything, it’s got a wide range of very smart folks, but it doesn’t have that many traders. There are a few traders on the list, like Josh Brown and Doug Kass, but not enough.

Here’s a list of traders on Twitter who post actual trades. These are guys in the trenches, who have money on the line. This is all they do. Talk is cheap unless you’ve got skin in the game. Everyone can say this or that when they don’t have money invested in the market. I’d rather listen to someone who actual owns stocks. Oh yeah, there are no economists on this list for a reason.

Jon Najarian
https://twitter.com/#!/optionmonster: He seems to only pick big winners by gauging when to buy and sell based on the option action. And he happens to post some awesome pictures of his time in New York or on his travels. He’s someone who loves the stock market, you can tell. Perhaps his greatest skill is trading after hours on earnings reports, when stocks tend to swing wildly.

Steve Grasso
https://twitter.com/#!/grassosteve: Here’s another trader who openly states his trades on Twitter. Sure, he’s not posting every single trade he makes but he posts a fair number and you can follow him and his research team into these trades. Usefully, he also posts the projected highs and lows of the S&P so you have a rough range to work with on the day.

The Real Fly
https://twitter.com/#!/The_Real_Fly: Don’t be scared by his Twitter picture, he’s not going to hurt you or jab you with a needle. But the Real Fly will tell you the truth about the stock market, when to stay away from a stock and when to scalp a profit out of a short squeeze. He’s got a way with words too, as in his blog posts are funny and fun to read.

Keith McCullough
https://twitter.com/#!/keithmccullough: He’s on Twitter honestly posting when he buys a stock, time stamping is his motto. He also appears on CNBC’s Fast Money from time to time, don’t hold that against him though, he comes across as someone who is honest about what he’s trading and why.

https://twitter.com/#!/chessNwine: Posts not only charts but videos where he talks about the stocks he’s got on his radar. Plus, he posts some pretty awesome pictures to go along with his well written blog posts. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he likes to play chess, not a bad hobby for a stock trader.

Trader Florida
https://twitter.com/#!/TraderFlorida: Some question his success since he seems to only hit winners, but he’s telling you when he’s buying and selling. His trades are transparent. He’s trying to help other traders by alerting you to setups and breakouts in stocks. He usually only trades momentum type stocks, the big movers and shakers, so be prepared to play with the pros. Don’t get jealous though when he says he’s headed off to the beach for lunch.

Sunrise Trader
https://twitter.com/#!/sunriseTrader: A must follow not only for his trades but for his outlook on life. He always posts, “none of this matters with out our health.” A truer statement hasn’t been written. Think about it, would you rather have all the money in the world or your eyesight or the use of your legs. It’s almost something we can’t fathom until we’re sick. Once we’re sick we’d do anything just to be healthy. He of course makes money swing trading stocks but he’s also happy to sit in cash if the market is choppy.

Upside Trader
https://twitter.com/#!/upsidetrader: A straight, no nonsense one could say old school trader. He’s seen everything that could happen in the market with his 20 years of experience, well nearly everything. He’s more than willing to tell you when a stock chart looks terrible and when something could breakout. He’s also one to say he really doesn’t know what could happen tomorrow, which is refreshing, since nobody really knows what Mr. Market will do.

Harmon Greg
https://twitter.com/#!/harmongreg: Perhaps the best technical trader on the Twitter stream. He comes to you live from Cleveland, Ohio, in his home office where sometimes he’s has his kids looking over his shoulder when it’s a snow day. But the man knows his stuff inside and out. He’s also happy to post charts of the stocks you’re thinking of buying, all you have to do his Tweet him the stock ticker and he’ll oblige.

Trader Stewie
https://twitter.com/#!/traderstewie: Coming to you live from Portland, Oregon, Trader Stewie happily posts stock setups based on technical analysis. He too is someone very passionate about trading. You can tell he loves it. He also happens to be a soccer fan, with Lionel Messi as his Twitter background, so during the World Cup or Champions League he might go missing for a while.

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